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This website is new, and was originally published about a month ago on September 17, 2016, and it's being updated daily, and usually several times a day.  Right now, I am adding businesses and their websites. 

New information is gathered for the website and posted as it becomes available.  The Parks section is pretty much not done yet.  I will start working on that very soon as our city parks are a great place to enjoy time as a family, and they are usually free too.  I would like to go to each park and take video and pictures, and post info on facilities like bathrooms, etc.  That is going to take time, but once it's finished, it's going to be a great place for you to come and see what your city has available to you.  I am going to start with my hometown, the city of Richmond, CA.

If you have been somewhere that you enjoyed, please let me know and I will post it here on Bay Area Kids Activities.

For Little Ones

Xoe and Me

The Xoe and Me, BLOG launched today, with our first entry about a Capoeira Class at the San Pablo, Community Center.  If you are interested in placing your child in a martial art class, Capoeira is a cool one, and the instructors are just great with kids. 

Typically, I will do an exchange of tickets to an event, or a meal voucher, in exchange for a BLOG post but I am so impressed with the Capoeira teachers, Professor Cacador and Alice, I decided to make the first BLOG post about their business.  They offer classes for all ages, from youngsters to adults, and Capoeira incorporates martial arts, aerobics, dance, acrobatics,  and stretching, all in one class, making it a perfect choice for many. 

Business owners, would you like me to review your business and post it to the Xoe and Me, BLOG?  Click Here to get started

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Indoor Activities

Bay Area Kids Activities

There's always something fun to do in the Bay Area

Indoor Activities for your children and the entire family.  No matter what the weather, there is always a great indoor activity for your family.

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Outdoor Activities that your entire family will enjoy.  California weather is perfect for outdoor activities.  You'll have fun in the sun with these outdoor activities. 

Fun Activities for your little ones.  Geared toward pre-k and younger, Bay Area Kids Activities has something for everyone

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“We had the best time!”

​"We are new to the area and haven't had much time to look for activities for our family.  I came across your page which is filled with activities and events.  I just wanted to say thank you for this page and all of the wonderful places listed.  I had no idea the Bay Area had so much to offer families.  We had the best time..."